My Services

I am currently working on MS Word 2016 for Mac, and am well-versed in Chicago Manual of Style and AP; I also do a monthly event program in Pages.

Editing and Proofreading

No one likes an editor with a heavy hand, but we all know the value of clean, concise copy. The key is balance. Before we begin any project together, we’ll discuss what and how many changes you expect, but regardless, I will retain your voice. While working on translated papers showed me heavy edits can be necessary, thirteen years of writing profiles taught me to showcase subjects’ unique personalities. Furthermore, my formal editing study trained me to keep—when necessary—a light grip on the red pen.

In addition to editing United Nations policy papers, educational material, and a business magazine for the British Chamber of Commerce, I take workshops and courses constantly; in fact, in spring 2018 I will receive my professional copyediting certificate from University of California at San Diego. I have done substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading; I am meticulous in fact-checking and making detailed corrections, and I promise to showcase your work the way you want.

What I do:

·       Policy or white papers

·       Company documents, marketing materials, and newsletters

·       Web content

·       Educational material

·       Arts or social science journals or academic papers

·       Nonfiction books or scripts (copyediting and/or developmental editing)

·       Fiction (copyediting only)

What I don’t do:

·       Scientific or medical journals

·       Financial journals or documents

·       Cookbooks


Public speaking

I spent my formative years on the (amateur) stage and my early adult career in front of a classroom; I also starred in several English education television programs upon moving to Asia. But living in China for nearly two decades has given me a lot more to talk about, and I have a number of audience-tested presentations ready to go. I’ve spoken at the Royal Asiatic Society, the British Council, Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China, Craven Community College, The Potomac School, and others, and I have been running a monthly Chinese-themed classical music salon at the Beijing Bookworm since 2009. Although my speciality is arts, I can make China accessible for any audience, and can prepare any kind of presentation you wish.






While serving nearly thirteen years as the stage writer and editor for Time Out Beijing and Time Out Shanghai magazines, I interviewed Chinese and Western luminaries such as Tim Robbins, Placido Domingo, Itzhak Perlman, Tan Dun, Long Yu, and Stan Lai, among others. I have covered China-focused issues that include the rise of violinmaking, conservatory training, the growth of local choreography and theatre festivals, electric cars, organic farming, and on and on. My work has appeared in publications such as Christian Science Monitor, South China Morning Post, Gramophone, The British Library Literature Project, The Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography, The Strad, International Piano, and Modern Painters, among others. I also published a book on Shakespeare in China called The People’s Bard: How China Made Shakespeare Its Own (Penguin, 2016).  

I am a strong interviewer and an avid reader and researcher; I have written copy of varying types and lengths and am vigilant about checking facts. And years of profile writing have taught me to tell others’ stories in their own voices. Whether it’s a short punchy web piece or a long-form content marketing article, I can present your message in its clearest, most direct form, reaching your broadest audience.

What I do:

·       Features (arts, society, business, general interest, and China-focused)

·       Profiles

·       Company documents, newsletters, and marketing materials

·       Ghostwriting or collaborative authorship

·       SEO-driven blogs or web content

What I don’t do:

·      Cookbooks

·      Scientific or medical academic writing

·      Financial writing





Sample PPT presentations:

·       This is China: a general introduction to a fascinating land that covers basic history and culture and is backed with original photographs.

·       China for Children: an introduction to China’s history and culture geared for students nine to eleven years old, with original and sourced historical photographs.

·      Arts in China: a look at China’s history and culture through the eyes of its artists. Using personal interviews with some of China’s greatest composers, dancers, and musicians, I cover China’s tumultuous modern times.

·       Shakespeare in China: a companion piece to my book, The People’s Bard: How China Made Shakespeare Its Own. Using interviews, facts, and photographs, I describe the country’s complicated relationship with history’s most celebrated playwright.