I spent my formative years on the (amateur) stage and my early adult career in front of a classroom; I also starred in several English education television programs upon moving to Asia. But living in China for nearly two decades has given me a lot more to talk about, and I have a number of audience-tested presentations ready to go. I have spoken at organizations throughout Asia and the United States and I ran a monthly Chinese-themed classical music salon at Beijing’s The Bookworm for seven years. Although my speciality is arts, I can make China accessible for any audience, and can prepare any kind of presentation you wish.

I have spoken for…

Some of my presentations…

·       This is China is a general introduction to a fascinating land that covers basic history and culture and is backed with original photographs.

·       China for Children is an introduction to China’s history and culture geared for students nine to eleven years old, with original and sourced historical photographs.

·      Arts in China draws from personal interviews with some of China’s greatest composers, dancers, and musicians. I relay their stories of ballet tours in China’s wintry countryside where dancers’ tears froze on their faces, or about surviving persecution and torture during the Cultural Revolution. Through their voices, I help explain China’s tumultuous modern times.

·       Shakespeare in China is a companion piece to my book, The People’s Bard: How China Made Shakespeare Its Own (Penguin, 2016). Using interviews, facts, and photographs, I describe the country’s complicated relationship with history’s most celebrated playwright.

Pictures and personal stories, questions and answers—these can make anything come to life. Together we can create a presentation your group will love.